Myanmar Automobile Development Public Co., Ltd

MADP Development


Since Myanmar Economic is blooming up in all sectors including Automobile Industry, MAMDA was formed to support the people (local and international) who are related with automobile business and help to get benefits from it. Co-operating the all private automobile business to become as one and supporting the Development of Automobile Industry in Myanmar.


 Support to develop car production , import and trading business for local companies and for those
foreign companies who want to bring forward their business in Myanmar.
 Assist the local transporation sector by spreading out the wide uses of car for every layer.
 Creating the job vacancy and opportunity for the local community based on the automobile
businesses expansion.
 Encourage the new business or products concerning with automobile.
 Heed all the problems and requirements from members and try to consult and help to have better
 Standardize the local Automobile Community with ASEAN Automobile Business.


Myanma Automobile Manufacturer and Distributor Association [MAMDA] was founded on 6 th June 2013. The main purpose of MAMDA is to help local Automobile Community by listening voices from local motorists and serve as a bridge between public and relevant authorities. MAMDA members are also willing and ready to work as a powerful team having one same goal to develop the Myanmar Automobile Community. Automobile experts from MAMDA, UMFCCI Central Executive Committee Members, UMFCCI Association, Myanmar Engineering Society, Myanmar Investment Commision include in the Automobile Taskforce Committee. The Automobile Policy Taskforce was formed on April 22, 2015 in order to resolve a number of automobile related issues. MAMDA drives its organization with five committees; Member Committee, Information Technology and Exhibition Committee, Treasury Committee, Foreign Communication Committee, Research and Development Committee.


It offers the followings:

 Issue MAMDA profile annually.
 Issue member ID card.
 Constitute association according to States and Region.
 Collecting member.
 Analyze memorandum of association and article of association.
 Negotiate conflict between member.
 Grouping members who are in the same business nature.


It offers the followings:
 Update website.
 Prepare for AGM and National Workshop.
 Arrange exhibitions around year.


It offers the followings:
 Arrange to get advertisement from automobile companies for MAMDA Profile.
 Arrange to get sponsors for exhibitions.
 Creating budget plan.


It offers the followings:
 Perform to sign MOU by communication with foreign association.
 Meet with international guests.
 Attend and hold both local and foreign meetings.


It offers the followings:
 Draw monthly account for importing cars and spare parts.
 Perform to get market research.
 Arrange to development skilled workers.
 Arrange to set CIF price.


The head-office of MAMDA is in Yangon. Now it has branches in other division such as Mandalay,
Taungyi and Sagaing. Performing even better with all the support from three branches. All the updated
information and news about automobile from different divisions and making a better corporation and


 Provide all the updated news of automobile industry such as car prices, market condition for
importers, investment news for local manufacturing, communication with foreign delegations and
others relationship between automobile business in local sector and global sector.
 Create as much as opportunities to all MAMDA’s members.
 Conduct to set up automobile business services cooperation in Myanmar.
 Make door to door discussion with the other business partners.

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